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the excess is how to wax to protect depositors money. i don't think this point we could say and do good to see what they want now do i think we can say that it's like spray and content types. cycled into council faces huge legal costs after supreme court ruling on the stand out. mike and i are funny. i'm very happy that the screenplay and the rights of way to make my cycle and ten. do not exist green uniform consists in all parents to be adolescents and their views the investment at. they tend to last. you're. so the takeover of new bridge credit union but her permanent tsb was necessary to protect the savings of its members that runs the time she told richie into the state owned permanent tsb was approved last month by the high court following an application by the central bank. it was balance sheet insolvent its regular tree reserves were negative and its cash was running and has members continued to withdraw their money. that's with the central bank told the high court in an unusual sunday evenings sitting of the regulation no four and tall order transferring the assets and liabiliti
offences and that adds to the degree of difficulty and complexity the investigation that or don't if a friend of a jurisdiction that respect him. we would be trying for their hard working with the with the protection commissioner. this evening has emerged from a number of other irish companies including elect a garland of also been affected but the irish payments services organization says that so far no fraud has been detected on the knee of the credit card debit cards. let's talk to paul who joins a snowball at them more accounts more cars would each of its emerging be compromise of as a result of this at one stage this investigation. sunday brought in a significant about this today with the emergence of the esb customers having been affected. bsp said this evening and that those who produce greater loyalty scheme between and two thousand and seven and two thousand and eight are the six thousand eight hundred customers affected the art of payment services organization also issued a statement today saying that they've identified as the credit and debit card numbers at the cente
some hope to the hands of tyson's on the dole. the scheme would offer every young person i don't work for four months either a job an apprenticeship for education my suggestions that the scheme may be in difficulty. and that young people may have to at least nine months for an offer much heralded by the government this year. it is meant as a kind of bounce to costs in on employment benefits. you all the things that weren't enough education training places rico's bring into question the logic of cooking the rates for people feel even saying that it's the capital and education training when all along was apparent that the places weren't there. ireland is certainly not unique within europe when it comes to use on employment. but the big challenge that faces the garment is hard to get people back to work when your resources are significantly reduced. tension there between european macroeconomic policy which says we have to be very careful of our sons our budget deficit of one hand and the name of our european commission saying we do spend money and come home and you can take the timing o
are giving a status that don't tease. but then setting it to lead two demos that bus. selwood taking comfort from the fact that the statement of the cyst is considering those are hoping to get me some jobs could be salvaged. for the set of rules written there. it the fact and truth what did the routine of what nevertheless the company said the hour or the smell of cannabis. so will be more of a class above them. i've been meaning for the drain with a say about them is for us because we have a job that in any of them one way or the oboe. however this was less optimistic than fifty years of age of seven to fifteen years ago. and a team that was a chance then to sit down and talk and this will be told who have dismissed this break in their attempts to supply management and unions will commence a day to day consultation period on monday. it remains to be seen but that is still time to ten teams around. but that the jobs are gone. ingrid join just as from those terms and west of and he did the workers of the sea very shocked at this news but what i didn't think it is made to act on. he looks real
a meeting next thursday. talks don't deliver a solution though industrial action could commence on monday the sixteenth of december they happen to decide if a foreign backed industrial action would take but acknowledged serious risk of disruption in the run up to christmas. see didn't i just ranted about the walk was involved in the jobs into iowa. it was industrial action would not be just a church run up to a disruption to services. now the site today. atsb said it had received a communication from the unions was considering it the fact of the cats can be no doubt at this point in time. still three weeks to go until any potential industrial action would take effect. hopefully during that period the two sides with broker a settlement and a bright prospect for customers of christmas in the dark that might lead. rte news dublin. who else make you itch three percent budget deficit target. it opens but just to make sure to enter into judgment but government that has no margin of safety if things start to go wrong it could mean going to take tougher budget to india's time. good progress has b
prison capacity. if they don't address this thing amazes me i mean is something that i think the will take a very dim view. and because it sets about it sometimes. i don't want the organization thomas because of the state could do to such important work for seriously physically to save the people that it's important that they are sounding remains as those pertaining to address the threat they are covert us to go to the top. the overall effort of mortgages in arrears has fallen slightly prompting claims the problem is stabilizing. the numbers in the long ten years has risen however with almost thirteen percent of owner occupier mortgages in arrears of three months one more the economy may be beginning to swing in the right direction but this still isn't pretty. for those who come to hate home loans on the face of it it would appear as if the reader situation is improving the overall number of homes behind on their repayments has dropped by half a cent that is encouraging but the number of owner occupier mortgages in arrears of over two years has risen by two thousand over the
a credit line. no don't get negotiations as suspects to going all about that it will be a good day to be significant day in december with the troika departs for the gutsy the government paying it low key at the casinos will mark the end to outside involvement in our national finances but it certainly won't mark an end to the kind of financial pain you've all been suffering or the last few years because if we take this precautionary yet credit line is a safety net there would be significant conditions attached. so the state involvement there. but even if we don't recover governed by the so called semester program which jesus quoting our poetry that information with gold or europe european partners so there'd still be involvement there. and of course the oldest is the background of trying to reach this target of shrinking the national overdraft to less than three percent of gdp by twenty fifteen the old means more pain ahead and budgets and the next couple of years but perhaps not on the skin to which we've become accustomed to. celine and david evans heartbreaking. the twenty five y
don't need the funding back still traditions are now one off into the garden style folding over twenty fifteen euros in cash reserves and bottom jeans at historically low levels. welcome to six small island is to leave the eu imf bailout program next month with i was a proportion rico this assumes a position to make a clean break with the troika was taken by the government of the special meeting this morning the patient although it was the right decision for ivan that means the country will not depend solely on international financial markets to borrow the money needed to help pay for services. in order to go and try to highlight an orderly exit and take any heating his ministers into the chamber this morning for a special cabinet approved the pink that day that without the safety net of a credit on him. this is the right decision for ireland. mosul a time to take decision. we had our own back stopover to keep it in your war chest economic conditions were improving but difficulties to the day ahead he said the warning days are echoed by the polished. this decision. now the exit from th
. um i don't name talk talk. so being in the late eighties the case that there were calls for the agency of both notification of the industry this evening in a statement the heat n c expressed regret to say it as soon as it became aware of the case steps were taken to ensure a candidate that is he remained in place for tom and mary questions remain why no difficulty with starting the paperwork but i just don't see the necessity of. i don't see why it dragged on for so long. she made coffee or tea news. search has been cold all for a second night for a fisherman missing off the side of wexford coast father of three patty barry a fifty one when fishing for mobsters. as of two more key yesterday morning is both a son and two yesterday afternoon. the coast guard is corn in the search for my cruise and thousands of fishing boats are also taking part. former advisor to present a consistent is her first statement since leaving her post. mary found these hats and t which to her for directions i can confirm that we can get chilly to start from government buildings and what you wan
and ubs customers who don't wish to approach the bank directly. it's an unusual pairing are on the left up to the hall of the ice mortgage holders organization and on the right to a senior at the executives the two organizations rarely see eye to eye and the eye and hit show regularly takes and b to task over its dealings with people in mortgage difficulty. but as of today the support group is teaming up with the ab to help address it to rehearse crisis. in a very very afraid i am on team with nine runs this is an objective to rebalance us and to have the gumption to halt was provided you do the bike into the house we understand when someone is reluctant to deal with us directly. so not mistake it usable more opportunity and seemed to need a job is to get a message that seemed too i was entranced offered a sustainable solution. it was only three months ago that bim hit show was already giving in its criticism of may ap after chief executive david oakley said that twenty percent of customers in mortgage arrears were choosing not to pay the mortgages in oil prices helped with the sounds of i
good. and it's just too overwhelming for my taste buds, i think. hmm. once in a lifetime. you don't have to be on a wind-swept moor to learn to play the bagpipes. this is the centre of glasgow, the college of piping, and i'm gonna learn to play them today. ♪ yea, willie. i love that. do you think you can teach me to do that in about an hour and a half? >> we'll be happy to try. >> all right. where do we start? >> we start right here. scottish bagpipes are unique. the origin, i would think, would be in the countryside where young herd boys were sent out to look after his master's sheep and goats. and first, it would be a hot, sunny day, and he would go, and he would pick up a stick, hollow out the middle, and make some holes and add a whistle . he was a happy man. he was playing his country's tune. but, eventually, they realized that they had to stop, to breath, so the music stopped too. >> and sometimes, there would be a sheep lying dead, and they would suddenly realize that if they stuck the pipe into the sheep's stomach, they would have a reservoir of air. and that's not very
agreement through but this can of petite head is unimportant and summer sun sector that they don't want any of them today that could de stabilize the industry relations in the area to write some of these that individual arrangements may be hard to pick the winner of a contract with bassist with the government is determined to hold the institution's toes. the fire at the bit to forty three of them will be the only heard back from five but they have imposed a thirty strict dad i know david thank you. for more company circuitry of the new irish bank has appeared in court charge was read the new offenses. bernard daily from columns of the new west and dublin was not on bail to appear in court again next february. the court was told the sixty five the old replied not guilty to the chill before charges bernard daily leaving the dublin district court this evening when he appeared charged with revenue offences alleged to have occurred over ten years ago. the former company secretary and anglo irish pint is accused of concealing an account of striking an officer of the revenue commissioners and prod
did alright we don't think that. we need to get stuff. about all those few summer ice the reactions of victims' families from all sites. the ulster unionist party was closer to the court friday negotiations in nineteen ninety eight the dup had left the table the reaction of the current uup leader to jonathan's comments was typical of what's being said the cost of political spectrum. when i do agree with the attorney general of the verses that we have yet to come up with a mechanism for dealing with the cost which eloise said the demand for them will want them in full which would have to do so in a way we don't leave victims and survivors eyeing ignoring the rights as well as the dates and would only for disregarding the rules often fills his heart is broken off. as a bottom line they read tonight and in the process. the key success he could see difficulties with the suggestion put forward by the north's attorney general mr larkins proposal to end prosecutions for offences committed before good friday agreement which also criticized bike in the fight and a pair the reaction units to
to understand by the government is pushing this elephant and twenty fifteen i don't like the political correctness and immediate the protected demonize is that if you like the traditional side of the arguments and make some nice soft arguments in favor of change. my message today is the reason we irresponsibility on the media to treat everybody with respect. groups campaigning on the issue welcomed today snoop but they still had a different perspective merchandise is done it's a historic decision today but they have nicer to have a referendum and to take to spray some of whom had tours of america and i'm renting food constitutional policy that that's hard to change its nature from something where gender is important mother of the a party or something where gender is no longer considered a stall selling two and two women are mounted on top. to beat the czechs beat the chains especially for children. so pretty for the referendum the ministries for justice and shouldn't attract each separate anticipation that would deal with guaranteed rights of perry's family types. i welcome the ministe
no resources savings which don't have to pass the state. still having a meal ready cash in order to meet the contingency of our emergency. is it is very tempting and and and mrs read greedy people are going to come. so therefore i am and they can find it quite difficult repay those loans over time. that and they think they can get into difficulty may be no difficulty with the money lender because the money lender coming to the duo could become a priority credit for it but don't the roast in our experience that can result in difficulties with that energy bills electricity and cast of rent our mocha today since i still did he say that these and money lenders out there that they're on the doorstep and. people sufficiently aware that they are paying these very high rates of interest is there any su of financial industry see here i went into the sky covered head to the report shows up to actually be a knowledgeable about interest rate has increased since the central bank did that as the seminar. research back in two thousand and seven so that is a positive thing to be heard. but they are tak
to other countries now this is right up there in terms of the surf quality i'd be right up there don't get scolding a winner but of no progress in senior fine once again the water so. this is really great spot. mike's shirt is nine times more and body boarding champion and the body boarders here described him as an activist who would start then take up the sport and they hope to add that many more people would do the same. it's amazing to have my care. was with this and even watched him for the last ten fifteen years in the sky where the founders of our sport that system is besar from wynnum survey for cc she's two and is like a sporting idol. likened to go for radical but try to its debut so what's the effect is also just for the dawn of the vehicle that our shores of you is this what's the appeal of the school basically you just want to get into it just becomes so was formed from fatima. i will buy festivals and a stop at the octave. we like for you this. the schedule off i'm sure he's right i must try it sometime. maybe in the summer in hawaii. id not rte news on the door the gospel les
to do then you are really rejected one pound one year so we don't know at this stage it's going to be ten a m for those costs are going to take place the savings of about two hundred and eighteen million euro in stock productions of two thousand six hundred the services already under pressure with stopping numbers under the big question mark as to whether the one hundred and thirty million euro in savings on the menu card scheme. how can they be realistic the chief trouble but this year's hsc but this are we heading for an overall and we know how much time has come to be paid for one hour at this point it's looking like the unpaid if he's going to over goulburn blog to post maybe two hundred million euro a substantial amount of money and will be a supplementary can't help but just at the top to be funded from and money from other government departments. it does raise the question as to how realistic they hate the national service and outreach hear it every year going over budget. it does show the pressure on the system and the service and will be pored over in detail but iraq ha
that the crisis with the sensor. some of the jury after a court. no we don't have her put the for the presents but this year is to get some of these contracts. i've come to church go back to nineteen ninety five they predate the hsc. south had the distinct lack of the paper to expect when you see these payments go back sometime and ninety five and hc was set up in two thousand and five see if it was aware of these honesty the department and told him it seemed to fascinate who has a problem so something could be done about that statement was and certainly there's no paper trail of approvals and accept an entry very old cases and our business case were made and some hospitals came to government approval and for these add a couple payments but the snow at court and is no individuals named as to who made me nostalgic. given those were of approvals of the four to two hospitals or agencies that have responded no. thirty say their complaint the pay policy. on the tramp. this was taken off the of deceiving are that read of a maternity all schools that can work on the home of st. the adelaide in the me
this one especially with my mom will take some rest. so you don't either or to baltimore can find some fall when amara to write the songs that help to what do you know even though they maintained that you know the sound of their new movie house of the book's final few parents is actually counts of that fact abbott says there is last night. they're absolutely incensed affairs hearing date action minute sees hands of what's been going on with the fundraising money. archie he made a number of requests to the crc today for an interview. but no one was available. however in a further statement this afternoon. the body tried to emphasize the difference in fundraising costs is highest stating no money generated by its fund raising events for those carried out by supporters are sent to their appeal. i'm a big donations has gone toward supplementing the salaries of the chief executive of the senior management. inner peace to topple came from the fund raising arm which in turn gets its corny for my laundry on by the care trust based in a building in blackrock college dublin. care trust raises mo
the problem. i never even noticed. does it all noisy don't need ways to telling the commode in humans interior north sea news experts. i lady's hospital in cromwell has confirmed this in the island's page from profits from church on its campus has been paid to its chief executive of thirty thousand euro annual payment of some couples are regular salary of about ten pounds and europe minister perhaps that such payments were not conducive to comment and needed to be corrected and brought into line with policy. last year it emerged that total payments of nearly seven hundred and forty thousand euro were paid to certain senior staff at the hospital between two thousand and five and two thousand and ten. today our babies children's hospital in prominent government confirmed that its chief executive is paid an extra ounce of these to be around thirty thousand euro year for executions. the hospital said it was a contact with enticement and in the islands for supervising extra activities take some profits on chops on campus. the money is not paid as a paid to see our terms of the phones the agency rec
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